School № 46 (kindergarten/elementary school/high school) Astana

35 A, Alii Moldagulowoi, 010011, Astana, Kazakhstan
Roza Kasimovna Kasbaeva
School № 46 (kindergarten/elementary school/high school) Astana

The complex № 46 (kindergarten – school – high school) is located in the capital of Kazakhstan – the city of Nur-Sultan – which is located in the north of the country, on the banks of the Ishim River. The city is administratively divided into four districts. Due to the sharply continental climate in Nur-Sultan, summers are hot and dry, and winters are frosty and long. The average annual temperature is 3.1 °C, the average precipitation reaches 300 mm per year.

The school № 46 in Nur-Sultan was founded in 1994 as the German humanistic-educational complex named "Wiedergeburt" with in-depth study of the German language. As of 01.09.2021 there are 100 pupils in the kindergarten and 767 pupils are studying at the school. Graduates of the school possess profound academic knowledge, language skills in three or more languages, a wide range skills and enter the leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the world. They are patriots and make significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the country. The specificity of the complex lies in the fact that while meeting the general requirements for a typical kindergarten and high school, it fulfills the function of providing the most complete development in the student’s education. It is the aim of the school to preserve the German traditions and customs, and to take into account the culture of both the German people and the people of Kazakhstan. The mission of the school: to create an educational space conducive to improving the intellectual potential of the students.

According to the results of the rating of the Olympiad in general educational subjects of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Daryn", the high school № 46 took the third prize and was included in the top 100 best schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The school № 46 was included in the international project on the examinations for the German Language Diploma of the 2nd degree, which allows its graduates to study in the universities of Germany without additional examination. The goal for graduates is to achieve a level of communicative competence in German that is high enough for them to pass the German Language Diploma at the level two (Stufe 2). A methodological seminar for teachers of German is held at the school every year.

A system of continuous improvement of professional competence for the teachers takes place through refresher courses, mentoring, coaching sessions, focus groups, training seminars, professional networking, research "Lesson Study", "distributed leadership", PC courses held by ZFA – (German Central Office for School Science Abroad) and the Pedagogical Exchange Service PAD.

Innovative projects and experiments are implemented in the school curriculum:

  • International Project "PASCH" / for the German Language Diploma Level 2 (DSD -Stufe 2)
  • International project "Global Scholars" 
  • School project "German language soccer club”
  • School project "Choreography" and "Hobby Art"
  • Experimental platform "Creation of a multicultural environment in the school № 46”
  • Experimental platform "Searching the ways of successful personality development through the training of key competences"
  • Experimental platform "Integration of foreign languages in the mathematical subjects”

Pilot project on the implementation of spiritual and moral education "Self-knowledge".