School No. 46 Astana (high school/elementary school/kindergarten)

35 A, Alii Moldagulowoi, 010011, Astana, Kazakhstan
Roza Kasimovna Kasbaeva
School No. 46 Astana (high school/elementary school/kindergarten)

School No. 46 in Nur-Sultan was founded in 1994 as a German humanitarian educational complex consisting of kindergarten, primary school and secondary school with in-depth study of the German language. The graduates of the secondary school have profound academic knowledge, knowledge of three or more languages (including German) and a wide range of skills that enable them to enter the leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the world. The school aims to educate future-oriented high school graduates who will make a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the country with a patriotic consciousness.

Another special feature of School No. 46 is that it fulfils the general requirements of a typical kindergarten, secondary school and high school, while striving to provide a comprehensive education and preserve German traditions and customs in order to give equal consideration to German and Kazakh culture. The school is also part of the international project for the award of the German Language Diploma (DSD) level 2, which enables its graduates to study at German universities without further proof of German language skills. The aim of this language diploma is to achieve a high level of communicative competence in German, which is certified by the diploma.

A methodological seminar for German teachers is organised at the school every year. The development of a system for the continuous improvement of teachers’ professional competence takes place through further training courses, mentoring, coaching sessions, professional networking, internal school courses “Reflection in Practice”, “Distributed Leadership”, PC courses by the ZFA (Central Agency for Schools Abroad) and the Pedagogical Exchange Service “PAD”.

The following innovative projects and experiments are organised at the school:

  • Solar project “Solar Schools”
  • International project “PASCH” / for the German Language Certificate Level 2 (DSD Level 2)
  • International project “Global Science”
  • School project “German-speaking football club”
  • Project for choreography and art
  • Experimental platform “Creating a multicultural environment at school”
  • Experimental platform “Search for ways to develop a successful personality through the acquisition of key competences”
  • Experimental platform “Integration of foreign languages into maths and science subjects”
  • Pilot project for the implementation of a programme for spiritual and moral education “Self-knowledge”