Tbilisi State University

Georgien, Tiflis, Chavchavadze Ave., 3
Tbilisi State University

The “Tbilisi State University” was founded in Georgia in 1918 as the first national university in the Caucasus. Today, it is one of Georgia’s leading universities and research institutions and runs around 200 national and international academic scholarship programs every year. It has seven faculties with around 22,000 Bachelor’s and Master’s students enrolled.

The Tbilisi State University is an active member of leading international educational networks: With more than 200 institutional partners in 56 countries, the university attaches particular importance to joint projects with its international partners. Between 1995 and 2022, the University was involved in up to 60 capacity-building projects with European universities, three joint ERASMUS Master’s programs, two Jean Monnet programs and seven Erasmus Mundus consortia.

The university’s Materials Research Institute pursues an interdisciplinary research approach: The combination of disciplines, known as “convergence”, includes natural sciences, engineering sciences and computer technologies with the aim of developing solutions for complex problems relevant to the future.

You can find out more on the university’s website: https://mritsu.ge/en/