Solar Radiation

This seminar offers an in-depth exploration of solar radiation and its various aspects. Beginning with the topic of nuclear fusion on the sun, the seminar delves into the science behind solar energy and its calculation, including the factors influencing the intensity of solar radiation on Earth, such as the Earth’s atmosphere and the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays. Participants will learn about the spectrum of solar radiation both in space and on Earth, and how it varies with seasons and geographical location. Additionally, the seminar covers important topics such as the passage of sunlight through the atmosphere, shading loss calculations, and determining the angle of incidence of solar radiation on an inclined surface. Participants will gain an understanding of the geometric relationships for inclined module installation on a horizontal surface, and will compare the west-east and south orientations of photovoltaic modules. Overall, this seminar provides valuable insights into the exciting field of solar energy and its practical applications.