First installation of 670-watt solar modules in Germany

First installation of 670-watt solar modules in Germany

Last year, the Chinese photovoltaic manufacturer Trina Solar presented the new high-performance module "Vertex" with 670 watts of power. Schoenergie is the first German company to receive such a high-performance module.

"We immediately unloaded the first shipment and mounted the modules on a test facility so that our installation teams could directly familiarize themselves with the new packaging and product specifications. The installation process went well and met our expectations," said Schoenergie CEO Volker Schöller. (pv-magazine)

Trina Solar has already started mass production of the 670-watt solar modules. Since the format of the modules is larger than that of traditional models, there is an advantage in terms of transportation. Due to the vertical portrait packaging, logistics costs are not only reduced; the carbon footprint of the new modules is also about 8% lower.

The new design with minimized cell spacing results in a reduction of module voltages while increasing the voltage per string by 34%.

According to the studies of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, the high-performance module "Vertex" with 670 watts of power has a number of advantages, such as the reduction of investment costs by 7% compared to a 455-watt solar module. In addition, the company Solar Trina assumes that the costs for installation as well as electricity production costs are lower.



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