Mini wind turbines on radio mast

Mini wind turbines on radio mast

An agreement between the leading radio mast operator in Europe, Vantage Towers AG and the Berlin-based wind energy start-up MOWEA has led to an extraordinary pilot project. 

The idea is to install 752 mini wind turbines on 52 radio masts in Germany, with the wind power generated being consumed locally at the respective radio mast. 

In this way, an annual energy generation capacity of up to 650 MWh could be achieved. The wind energy generated in this way is not fed into the power grid but is made available directly to the mobile communications operations of Vodafone, Vantage Towers' largest customer. 

The design of the systems is modular and can be adapted to the energy requirements of the radio masts. For improved efficiency, the micro wind turbines will be equipped with communication interfaces for intelligent remote maintenance and control and an algorithm that accurately determines the maximum output. Integrated brakes and seamless connection options to common battery systems are designed to guarantee the high safety of the turbine. 

If the outcome of the pilot project is positive, the collaboration will be expanded across Europe, as a clear advantage is that MOWEA's mini wind turbines can be installed where photovoltaic or wind turbines cannot fit. In addition, the turbines also provide power at night.

"By installing our micro-wind turbines on Vantage Towers sites, we are helping to build and power wireless grids with locally produced green power. And potentially soon across Europe," as the CEO of MOWEA-Windenergieanlagen GmbH revealed. (PV Magazine)



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