New e-car with solar half-cells installed in the car body

New e-car with solar half-cells installed in the car body

Electric vehicle developer Sono Motors has announced plans to go into series production with its new "Sion" e-model in the first half of 2023. The Munich-based company's e-car will feature 248 seamlessly integrated solar half-cells on its car body. The self-generated solar energy is expected to provide at least 112 kilometers of additional range each week through the lithium iron phosphate battery. The Sion also needs only 35 minutes at a fast-charging station to charge to 80 percent. The bidirectional charging technology will allow electric appliances, the home or other electric vehicles to be powered by the car with a capacity of 11 kilowatts. With bidirectional charging, e-cars can also be used as a power source for other devices, so electricity flows "in two directions," so to speak.


The final design is expected to be unveiled in the autumn of 2022. Sono Motors plans to conduct further testing with its prototype. Among other things, test drives under extreme weather conditions in the coming months will show how robust the new model is in practice.




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