New photovoltaic applications

New photovoltaic applications

More and more photovoltaic applications are targeting private households and small businesses to produce green electricity for their own use.

The so-called "PowerPark" carport from the French company Aterno is powered by 15 monocrystalline solar modules. The total output of the carport is 5.6 kilowatts. With an area of just over 5×5 meters, it provides space for two e-vehicles, which can be charged directly under the carport while being protected from wind and weather. Aterno says it designed the carport primarily for small and medium-sized businesses.


Swiss photovoltaic group Meyer Burger has already announced in 2021 that it is working on the development of photovoltaic roof tiles. The technology is expected to hit the market during 2022. Just like conventional roof tiles, the high-performance PV tiles can be installed and maintained by a roofer. Roof surfaces that are not considered suitable for PV modules could also be equipped with the novel solar tiles.

"With our novel solar tile solution, we plan to take roof-integrated solutions out of the niche and into a larger market," said CEO Gunter Erfurt (pv-magazine, July 29, 2021).





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