New PV experience project launched in Bavaria

New PV experience project launched in Bavaria

In the municipality of Hallbergmoos, Bavaria, a project is planned that will benefit the energy transition in Germany and the local economy in equal measure. A 37-hectare monoculture area on which corn was previously cultivated is to be transformed into an insect- and bee-friendly photovoltaic park with a natural pond and a service station including a restaurant experience for visitors. Energieallianz Bayern and the Höflinger Müller bakery are cooperating on the project in the district of Freising.


The photovoltaic park with a capacity of approximately 37 megawatts is expected to generate around 37 million kilowatt hours of solar power per year, which will be consumed by the local economy. In addition, an infrastructure with several charging stations for electric vehicles is to be built. In total, the CO2 savings from the park amount to 20,000 tons per year. "The municipality of Hallbergmoos will thus be CO2-neutral in one fell swoop," says Ulrich Geis, managing director of Energieallianz Bayern. (pv-magazine)


A wildflower meadow is to be created on the site of the PV park as a habitat for bees and other insects. To this end, the supports for the PV modules will also not be provided with concrete foundations but will simply be inserted into the ground so that they can be easily removed if necessary.

The Höflinger Müller company is planning to build a service station in the adjacent industrial park. The company now wants to convert its entire fleet of vehicles used to supply its stores to electric vehicles. During the day, the vehicle batteries will be charged and used as an energy buffer. Fluctuations in solar power generation can thus be balanced out by bidirectional charging and discharging. According to the initiators, it is hoped that the joint project will set an example of how energy transition and economic efficiency can be intertwined.





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