Hydrogen production coupled with photovoltaics

Hydrogen production coupled with photovoltaics

A reliable, regional energy supply is currently the order of the day. Initiatives are increasingly being formed by large and small companies to develop attractive environmentally friendly decentralized energy generation solutions for local consumers. The German companies Lhyfe and Enerparc have now entered into a cooperation for the production of 100 percent green hydrogen in the Spreewald for local consumption. The planned project is to be implemented in Luckau, Brandenburg. For this purpose, an electrolyzer with 5 megawatts of power is to be coupled with a photovoltaic system of 20 megawatts. This could produce up to 1200 kilograms of green hydrogen per day, which can then be used in the regional transport sector and industry. With this project, the cooperation partners are showing an example of what climate-neutral, local energy supply could look like in the future.

"For the competitive production of green hydrogen, low-cost electricity supply is crucial. Direct power supply of locally produced solar power for electrolysis is therefore particularly target-oriented," says Armin Scherl, Systems Engineering Team Leader at Enerparc. (pv-magazine) Especially for the goal of climate neutrality in industry and transport, green hydrogen will be a decisive raw material in the future that can contribute to independence from energy imports. The start-up date for the plant in Spreewald is set for the end of 2023.



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