New technologies on the PV market

New technologies on the PV market

In 2021, the PV industry has had to contend with numerous shortages in the supply of PV modules and project delays. Nevertheless, new innovations in the field of solar energy are expected, writes PV Magazine.

In the future, large-format solar modules will prevail in the PV manufacturing market, according to the International Photovoltaic Technology Roadmap (ITRPV).

The 182 mm or 210 mm cell format has basically been adopted by all major PV manufacturers. Initial installations with modules based on the new cell formats have already been completed and test installations are underway. This should result in energy yield advantages being achieved. The 182 mm format is gaining more and more importance, as hardly any renewals are necessary and the risk in system design is accordingly minimal. Specialists expect the same to happen with the 210 mm format.

Additionally, there appeared n-type technologies, which will also be successful on the market in the next few years.

However, the installation of classic ground-mounted and rooftop PV modules is still a current trend in the solar sector.

However, the past year has also seen big steps in the technology carving out new niches for itself. Promising and practical developments in agrivoltaics, building-integrated PV, floating PV and many more all point to the promise of integrating solar into our existing environments, and the direction the future could take.” (PV-Magazine)



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